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The 3 Keys To Finding The Right Auto Body Shop

Tips For Picking Out An Auto Body Shop

If you’ve ever had a car accident you probably already know all about the importance of obtaining a police report and filing your insurance claim, but do you know how to choose the best auto body shop for repairing the vehicle damage? Our Edmond Insurance Professionals team is here to offer a bit of advice regarding this situation.

When it comes to shopping around for auto body work you will quickly come to realize that prices can vary, drastically, from one shop to the next. In fact, the prices can jump $500 or more for the exact same work to be done.

With that being said, it’s understandable that people would want to be cautious about which shop to choose, because you want quality work at a fair price. Some people hesitate so long that they do nothing about the damage at all. If you don’t want to be one of those people, follow these 3 keys to finding the right auto body shop.

1.) Ask some important questions.
First, you need to make sure anyone you choose is legitimate, so make sure the auto body shop in question has an actual business license. Second, ask if they have a warranty covering their work. If not, move on! Who knows what could happen a mile down the road after shoddy work with no guarantee. More on that note, don’t always choose the shop that offers the longest warranty without really reading the requirements. Some “lifetime” warranties will have you jumping through so many hoops that you won’t ever be able to benefit from having it. Third, find out if the shop carries fire and theft insurance. This way you can ensure your vehicle is covered if destroyed while at the shop.

2.) Take others’ feedback into consideration.
If someone you know takes the time to give a positive review to a place they’ve been to that’s usually a good sign. Why? Because, honestly, most people only verbally talk about a business when things were less than favorable. Any big business can throw money into a marketing campaign, but it’s the word of mouth business that makes them truly shine.

3.) Pay attention to company charges.
A lot of auto body companies will be looking to make a big payout, therefore; charge more for labor and parts to cover more than the average cost. Be willing to shop around and weigh your options! Some places may offer you crazy good deals for repairs, but then they’ll turn around do a terrible job. Others may charge slightly more, but then offer you unbeatable customer service. You’ll have to decide what that is worth to you.

What all of these tips have in common is the recommendation to shop around. If you need help knowing where to start shopping we’ve vetted the following company for you:

1.) Company Name: Service King
Contact Name: Autumn Everett
Phone Number: 918-902-2877