Life Insurance

Protect Your Family’s Future

Life Insurance is often an unpleasant subject to think or talk about. As uncomfortable as it may be, NOW is the time to make time to talk about it. At Edmond Insurance Professionals we are dedicated to working with you to find a policy that meets your family’s needs while staying within your budget.


#1. I can’t afford it

The truth is, people often over-estimate the cost of getting life insurance. If you can afford a cup of coffee every morning from your favorite cafe then chances are you can afford life insurance.

#2. I have all I need from work

Employer provided life insurance is a greeat thing, but it should rarely, if ever, be relied on as your primary source of life insurance. Many of these policies give you little or no control over the policy itself, and if you ever leave your company, chances are your insurance will go away.

#3. I don’t qualify for life insurance

There are many companies out there who can provide coverage for higher risk individuals. If you are not sure if you qualify for a policy, give us a call. You may be suprised by what we can find for you.

#4. Life insurance is too confusing

It’s true that life insurance can be very complex, but it dosen’t have to be.  At Edmond Insurance Professionals we can help you get a straightforward plan to provide the protection you need without all the hassle and confusion.

#5. I shouldn‘t get life insurance until I’m older

This is ABSOLUTLEY FALSE! Most people tend to have the biggest need for life insurance in the middle of their life when kids are still young and the mortgage is still being paid. Also, as people age, it typically becomes more difficult and more expensive to buy insurance. Don’t wait until it is too late!